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Vacature omschrijving

We are creating the internal Design System of Rabobank. That means we create components, a styleguide and support developers who use our Design System. We like to think of ourselves as doing “Enterprise Open Source”.
We are looking for a senior / lead Frontend Developer who loves to make components, cares about responsiveness, behaviour, accessibility and a maintable component API. You will lead our team to create a best-in-class Design System.

The Team
Team Reflect is a tight-knit team consisting out of 4 developers, a lead dev/solution architect, a scrum master, a product owner and a UX designer. We are open-minded, consider each other equal and we value all opinions when making a decision. We encourage critical thinking and speaking what’s on your mind. If we cannot reach consensus, we postpone a decision untill we have new arguments.
We love a good laugh and we play fussball on our Deutscher Meister table after lunch every day. Although not required, we lunch together every day. Our working language is English. We adhere to the scrum principles.
We also firmly believe that technical skills can be taught and learned, but cultural fit cannot.

The Role

You will guide our team with your knowledge and experience of building components and styleguides. Aside from creating/maintaining components, you will lead the way in safeguarding consistency and accessibility across components. The team will look to you to create a strategy to manage breaking changes, enabling progressive enhancement and improve overall architecture.
Because of your experience, you will also be working with our Creative Director and UX team. You will advice them on matters such as typography, spacing and rhythm on pages. While doing so, you keep in mind that the Design System is not only used in the hybrid app, but also on static websites and internal tools and you take the impact on them into consideration as well.
Mentoring the rest of the team is a major part of this role. This means quite some pair programming, PR reviews and knowledge sharing in general. To keep yourself up to date you will often do Proof of Concepts to see if we can improve our stack. Our Product Owner knows the value of discovering knowledge and will give you all the space you need to keep ahead of the pack.
Aside from sharing knowledge with our team you are also eager to spread best practices within the rest of the organisation and beyond. This means speaking at (internal) meetups, consulting with teams trying to implement our Design System and advocating Design System value to management.

The technology stack
• Webcomponents created with StencilJS & Typescript
• Styleguide created with SASS, CSS variables for theming and a bit of Bootstrap
• Testing with WebdriverIO, Selenium, Cucumber (e2e), Jest (unit), Axe (A11y), Custom (performance)
• Monorepo with Yarn, Lerna, Codeowners
• Tooling includes TSLint, Husky, Prettier, Commitlint
• MDX powered documentation
• Jenkins pipeline
• Node / bash scripting

Kennis en ervaring

  • Skills / education
    • Expert knowledge of Javascript
    • Strong knowledge of Typescript or other typed language
    • Expert knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3
    • 5 years professional (or open source) experience with web development
    • 2 years experience working with components / design systems / styleguides
    • 2 years experience with a modern Javascript framework (React, Angular 2+, Vue, other)
    • Knowledge of Accessibility / ARIA
    • Know your way around ECMAScript / HTML proposals
    • Good command of English
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Willingness to help others
    • Experience with WebComponents (StencilJS / Polymer / LitElement / Svelte)
    • Experience writing tests with Jest / WebdriverIO
    • Computer Science (or similar) degree
    • Experience with CI/CD (Jenkins)
    • Experience with tooling (Prettier, TSLint, Husky, Lerna, etc.)


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